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Daniel Hajji

Attorney Daniel Hajji established his law firm with a mission to provide top quality defense in DUI cases to clients no matter how serious the offense might appear. Dan believes that everyone deserves a powerful defense, and at a rate that is reasonable. He is committed to reviewing every aspect of DUI evidence and identifying those factors that could be challenged in court. This can include the breathalyzer evidence, field sobriety testing results and administration, blood testing, chain of custody of evidence, police procedure and all other parts of the case against you. The first crucial step if you have been arrested is to contact Bloomfield DUI defense lawyer Daniel Hajji.

DUI Attorney Dan Hajji

Those who have been arrested and charged with a DUI or an OVI offense often are not sure what to do; should they just plead guilty and take the punishment meted out by the court? Should they try to defend their case and avoid punishment? What I have found in my years of practice is that there are an astonishing number of DUI cases that have strong opportunities to defend. In fact, many who have suffered a conviction could have been found not guilty, or had their case dismissed or the charges reduced had they contacted our firm early on.

If you hold a professional license, your future ability to practice your profession can be compromised if you are convicted of a serious DUI offense, or have prior convictions on record. Daniel Hajji takes special interest in assisting clients and is often contacted by nurses, lawyers, doctors, medical professionals and educators to assist them in seeking to avoid the personal and professional damage that a conviction will bring. Dan Hajji is committed to his clients and seeks out all the weaknesses in the prosecutor's case to aggressively defend you in court.

Contact Bloomfield DUI Lawyer Daniel Hajji at once if seeking a high quality, committed defense attorney for a DUI charge.

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