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First DUI Offense and Penalties in Bloomfield

Defense for First Time DUI Offenders

First time DUI offenders in the Bloomfield Township can benefit from the legal services of Daniel D. Hajji, Attorneys of Michigan. Our firm also represents clients arrested and charged with DUI offenses in the Troy and Novi areas.  A DUI conviction can be a life changing experience.  A conviction may result in a loss of employment and difficulties in retaining certain professional licenses or pursuing certain careers that require a high level of trust.  Immediately following an arrest for a DUI, contact a Bloomfield DUI lawyer before speaking with authorities.  It is important to have an effective and strong defense against a first DUI allegation.  The goal of our firm is decreased charges or a case dismissal.  Attorney Daniel Hajji understands the problems that a DUI conviction can cause for individuals and the adverse affect it can have on their futures. 

Penalties for First DUI Offenses

It is always best to challenge a DUI charge, especially a first time offense.  An individual with a clean record and first time DUI may receive minimal sentencing from a judge.  Common penalties for a first time DUI conviction can include:

  • 48 hours in jail
  • 3-5 years probation
  • Fines and court fees
  • 6 months license suspension
  • Counseling and DUI classes

Each DUI is different with its own circumstances that can influence the sentencing by a judge.  It is important to have representation from an experienced and skilled DUI defense attorney who navigates the court system while protecting the rights and interests of the clients.  Many DUI arrests are faulty because of inaccurate and unreliable blood alcohol tests or mistakes by law enforcement during arrest procedures.  Witness statements and police reports presented by a prosecution are open to challenge by a strong defense attorney. 

A DUI defense lawyer can represent clients through all steps and procedures of a DUI case including representation at hearings with administrative, state and health care boards.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our competent First DUI defense lawyers.

Contact a Bloomfield first DUI attorney for legal representation for a first DUI offense.

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