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Bloomfield DUI Lawyer Serving Michigan

DUI Arrests in Oakland & Macomb County Areas And Surrounding Counties

A DUI charge is a serious matter, and you can suffer some very severe consequences if you don't get immediate legal help. Attorney Daniel Hajji has been assisting individuals throughout the Metro-Detroit area in defending their DUI charges for almost a decade, and can quickly evaluate your situation and advise you what can be done to reduce the damage. In some cases, reviewing the evidence and identifying police or testing errors to determine whether a DUI/OWI case can be reduced or dismissed. Each DUI charge is completely unique,and we invite you to call us at once after an arrest so we can help you determine your best course of action. The first step after an arrest for any type of DUI charge is to contact the a reputable DUI defense attorney, Daniel Hajji. .

DUI Defense Attorney

Defending DUI charges is crucial especially for those who hold professional licenses, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, attorneys, and educators. A DUI conviction can affect your future employment or even licensing when there are multiple DUI convictions or felony charges. We are concerned with helping clients whose job is on the line and professionals with state licenses , and understand how important the outcome of the case will be to your personal and professional reputation.. It is an urgent matter that must be addressed by an attorney who will make all efforts to help you to avoid the potential damage of a conviction and diligently manage every aspect of your OWI/DUI case.

Our firm provides professional legal services in all types of DUI charges, including OWVI, OWI, OWI High BAC, OWI Causing Injury/Accident, OWI Causing Property Damage, OUIL, OUID, OUIL and other drunk driving charges. Attorney Daniel Hajji can provide information about possible DUI defenses, what the DUI penalties are in Michigan for, first DUI, multiple DUI, "Super Drunk" DUI and underage DUI. We represent clients at DMV hearings, and can review and often challenge evidence from breath & blood tests, field sobriety tests, and BAC evidence that will be used against you in court. We assist in license restoration, and provide skilled representation in professional license defense, including doctor DUI, lawyer DUI, nurse DUI, dentist DUI, orthodontist DUI, education professionals & DUI.

Super Drunk Law

In the state of Michigan, a person who has a blood alcohol concentration of .17% or higher and is operating a vehicle will find that enhanced consequences are ahead. In hopes of reducing the accident, injury and fatality rate due to impaired driving, officers all across Michigan are cracking down on any person that they think is in violation of the "Super Drunk" law. Even if a person has no prior DUI arrests or convictions, they may still face maximum penalties. The penalties of a Super Drunk DUI includes imprisonment for up to 180 days, one year license suspension, mandatory rehabilitation or alcohol treatment program, 6 points on a driving record and expensive fines. To top it off, a person's insurance provider will be informed of this arrest and may increase the cost of coverage as a result. Click here to continue reading more about the Super Drunk Law.

When facing criminal charges related to drunk driving, the first and most critical step is to contact our firm so we can initiate defense actions at once. The earlier we are involved in the case, the more control we can exert on the case and in seeking a favorable outcome. We know how important the results of the case will be to your future and we are unmatched in our commitment and dedication to fighting to defense our clients facing DUI charges.

Contact a Oakland County DUI defense attorney from our firm at once if you have been charged with DUI orOWWI.

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